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Dear Reader, tonight I kick off a new monthly feature called “Featured Blogs.”  A good blog spreads the joy of blogging by networking with other blogs.  World Adventurers is no exception.  Each month I will feature the blogs of others who frequently visit World Adventurers as a way to thank them for stopping by and posting comments since I started posting online in late 2004.
Tonight I start with Doodlespace, a blog written by my prolific cousin.  I have to give the first nod to family, because although friends are sometimes passing acquaintances, family is forever–unless you estrange them by doing foolish things like not featuring them on your blog.  Plus, my cousin posts the longest comments of anyone who reads World Adventurers.  He is affiliated with the “Evil Empire” affectionately known as Microsoft, host of this wonderful MSN Spaces blog site.  He typically posts his sharpest comments whenever I praise Google for developing technologies and services that directly compete with Microsoft.  He has an insane ability to bring you back to earth by reminding you that you’re only human.
What I admire most about my cousin is his masterful ability to take on new hobbies and master them.  At various times he has studied piano, refurbished an old Volkswagen Beetle (1967 if I recall–I’m sure he’ll correct me if I’m wrong), and bought a heavy, oversized telescope that magnifies Saturn to the size of a coin, carting it out in freezing weather to watch the stars on a soccer field.  He recently embarked on his greatest adventure yet–learning to fly.  Judging by the titles of his last three blog entries, I would say that he has run into some turbulence.  Nevertheless, I have no doubt that he will earn his pilot’s license and will log hundreds of flying hours.  Whether I fly with him remains to be seen.  He has some fascinating stories to tell.  Check out Doodlespace at http://spaces.msn.com/wadehas/.
  1. Wade

    Well… Thanks… Now I have to just work on making your "favorite blogs" list 😉
    Depends on your definition of "turbulence", if you are refering to my apparently horrible bad luck streak, then yes, and it continued Sunday evening, which I have yet to write about, as I was kind of waiting to see what actually went wrong with the plane before writing.  If you are refering to actual real turbulence, no, the air has been pretty smooth, when we have actually been able to fly.  🙂
    I am curious  how I remind you that you are only human…  🙂
    BTW, your mom called and she needs help with some computers they picked up   😉
    I don’t think blog comments should be like e-bay feedback…  😉

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