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Prince Roy (http://www.princeroy.org/) writes one of the most interesting blogs you’ll come across on the Web.  He began blogging years ago before blogging was cool, first as a law student and then as a diplomat serving in Chennai, India and now Taipei, Taiwan.  I met Prince Roy once when he and I crossed paths in Washington, D.C.  We shared a couple beers and a few laughs before I began this blog.  In fact, I would have to say that Prince Roy inspired me to start blogging more than anyone else–he had created a cool persona and built a virtual world online in the mold of the real Prince Roy of Sealand.  Actually, Prince Roy is not his real name–he takes it from Prince Paddy Roy Bates, who founded the Principality of Sealand on a structure located 11 kilometers off the coast of England in the English Channel.
Prince Roy has led a fascinating life far less isolated than his namesake.  His blog features wonderful photos from his various adventures around the world, and he offers in-depth cultural analyses.  A devout Buddhist, he also frequently writes about his faith and how it is manifested in the world around him.  I especially enjoy reading about his personal life and how he and his wife adjust to frequent transition and challenges inherent with expat life.  In addition, he is a China expert highly fluent in Mandarin Chinese.  After a successful tour in India, I can tell that he is really enjoying living in Taiwan.  Prince Roy and I haven’t been in touch with each other for awhile, but I’m sure we will cross paths again.  At the very least, we have cross-referenced each other on our blogs.
Check out Prince Roy’s world!

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