Featured Blog: Our American Family

I just said goodbye to Matt and Lisa and their children.  Their lives are featured on Our American Family, a blog about their family and life in the Foreign Service.  They most recently served in Manila, Philippines, and they are now headed to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic for two years.  They lived here in Virginia while Matt learned Spanish.  We lived in the same proximity until Matt finished his coursework.  They departed for the DR last week.  
Matt is a good guy with a great sense of humor and sharp wit.  Lisa is an amazing mom with boundless energy.  Matt and Lisa do a great job chronicling their lives and depicting life whereever they are at the time.  They have an extensive collection of photos of their family, and they do a masterful job managing four children, which they accomplished in Virginia in a two-bedroom apartment with a couple of pets to boot.  The story of the birth of their youngest child, Atticus, is legendary (don’t try it at home).  Matt told me that people who don’t even know him recognize him from that story.  It’s fortunate that Matt is trained to respond to crisis and stepped in to deliver their child single-handedly when things went awry.
In this life, people frequently cross paths.  I may not see them again for a few years, most likely back here in Virginia before we move on to their next assignments.  In the meantime, I will keep up with their lives on their web site.  And who knows, maybe a trip to the DR or Paraguay is in the works!

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