Featured Blog: The Nunchuks and Baby Sam

This month’s featured blogs selection features an outstanding double header. 
First up, the Nunchuks.  The Nunchuks (http://web.mac.com/tupelocat/iWeb/The%20Nunchuks/Main.html) is an awesome new hip hop honky-tonk death metal music group featuring three of my favorite colleagues, Wayne, David, and Crackleflame! (name changed to protect the innocent, exclamation point included in name).  These guys are absolutely HOT, I mean completely en fuego (figuratively speaking).  I must say nice things about them, because they will play at our going-away party next Saturday.  (Wait, should people really be having a party because we’re leaving?)  I will play percussion (the egg shaker) and will sing one song the Nunchuks said they would practice for me (thanks guys).  It will be the nicest gig anyone has done for us since we conned a good friend of ours into having her band, Folk Voice Band, play beautiful folk music in our backyard (twice).  The Nunchuks’ music is a bit more honky tonk than hip hop or death metal, but it is fabulous.  Their web site is even more impressive.  Their death metal mystique belies a group of fine gentlemen with a quirky sense of humor who just like to have fun and act silly in front of an audience.  I’m privileged to be counted as one of those dudes who get credit as a guest percussionist and as backup singer on an album jacket.  If you like the Nunchuks, be sure to ask them about buying some schwag.
Also featured this month is Crackleflame’s son, Baby Sam, who is a maestro in his own right.  Baby Sam (http://babysamwebstermain.blogspot.com/) rocks.  I keep encouraging his dad, Crackleflame, to sign him up as the Nunchuks’ band manager, but he seems to think that Baby Sam may be a bit young to manage such a HOT, edgy band.  I’m not sure why.  Based on Baby Sam’s sensible reaction to a diverse selection of musical tastes, I think he is fully ready to immerse himself in the world of music brought to life by the Nunchuks.  As long as his mom and dad makes sure he’s fed and diapered, why not?  It could be that the Nunchuks can’t afford to pay Baby Sam the salary he deserves and would have to seel an awful lot of schwag to meet his contract demands.  Baby Sam could walk at any time.
So there you have it.  This may be the first time that the Crackleflame connection between Baby Sam and the Nunchuks has been uncovered and surreptiously posted on the Web.  You read it here first!

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