Sometimes it’s better not to assume

We’re planning to sell one car before we leave.  Some family friends here wanted to buy our car, and we agreed to meet for a test drive this morning.  Our friend was sorely disappointed when they found out we were planning to sell our secondary car, not our primary car.  I assumed they knew which car I meant when I offered to sell it to them.  We plan to sell the second car that we bought after we arrived, and we’re planning to ship our primary vehicle.  They assumed we were planning to sell our primary vehicle.  I’m not sure where the miscommunication occurred.  I’m not sure whether they’re interested in buying the our second car, now that they have to deal with the letdown of not buying the car they thought they were buying in the first place.  I can’t blame them for being disappointed.  I was as surprised as they were to find out we weren’t even talking about the same car when we talked about making the sale!  It goes to show you…sometimes it’s best not to make assumptions.  The old adage is sometimes true–sometimes assume equals ASS+U+ME. 
Now we have just three weeks to find a buyer for our car.  We have to do something–we can’t ship a second car, and the car does not meet U.S. safety standards and can’t be shipped back to the states.  Fortunately, our friends agreed, if need be, to babysit the car for us until we find a buyer.  Or, maybe they’re have a chance of heart and buy our second car, which I had assumed they would buy in the first place.  Thank goodness we’re good friends.  At least that’s what I’m assuming!

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