Still at work, heading home

Lately I’ve spent longer hours working in the office.  I just finished going through my full E-mail inbox, clearing out old E-mails and closing out a few pressing issues.  There is always too much to do.  Have you ever had a day or days where you were given action items, one after one after, with no time to do them?  I left a lot of action items unfinished, but I feel much better having cleared out my inbox.  You wouldn’t believe how much you can get done when you have a little peace and quiet and time to focus on getting the job done.  The unfortunate trade-off is that I’m not even home to say goodnight to my son and to spend a little quiet time before coming back to work again tomorrow.  If you are doing what I’m doing–working long hours, I salute you for you working so hard.  But please try to find some time to go home early and have a rest.  For me, thank God tomorrow is the eve of a three-day weekend (Columbus Day).  I can’t wait.  It makes staying in the office just a little easier to handle.

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