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I did something different tonight–I joined a community choir.  One of my colleagues formed a community choir, and I pledged to join the bass section.  My wife wasn’t too happy that I made the commitment, although I know she will be in the audience when we put on some community performances next spring.  Choir practice started last week, but I was unavailable.  I went tonight for the first time, but I’m not sure whether or not to continue.  Part of me says I shouldn’t do it, because I’m already overcommitted, and time is precious.  Choir practice is scheduled for two hours every Tuesday night.  Another part of me is urging me to do something different for a change.  This definitely is different!
Joining a choir hearkens back to my youth, when I regularly participated in high school and church choirs.  When I was in high school, I starred in a couple of school musicals.  After high school, I kept up the hobby by singing in church choirs, but my interest gradually faded.  Singing in a choir requires a high degree of discipline and commitment that I did not have when I was younger.  I still don’t know if I have what it takes to stay committed to this endeavor.  I haven’t read sheet music in years, and reading the music elicited feelings akin to getting back on a bicycle years after the last ride (I haven’t ridden in years either).  I had forgotten what it was like to sing with discipline, which is a far cry from free-spirited, entertaining karaoke.  The songs we sang tonight are very old medleys penned by the likes of Bach and Mozart, among others.  They require a strong grasp of range, melody, rhythm, and harmony.  Nevertheless, I enjoyed reliving the way I used to practice singing.  Whether I’ll enjoy it week in and week out remains to be seen.  Like a classroom, choir practice will retrain me in a discipline that disappeared from my life years ago.  In the end, I think it will be well worth the effort, because I will be part of what I think will be an amazing choir.  My colleague, the choir director, is also a music instructor and has directed many, many choirs.  He is autocratic and will drive us to excel like a drill sargeant, which is exactly what we need.  I also look forward to meeting many new friends, Korean and American, who share the same passion for singing.  Together, we shall make beautiful music.
Blog Notes:  I spoke to my sister this weekend.  She said that my grandma’s condition has stabilized.  The operation was very traumatic to her system.  She is a very strong lady, and I am hopeful that she will heal, even at 94 years old.  We moved our return trip to the U.S. up to May, increasing the chance I will see her again.
  1. quemino's world

    Glad to hear your Grandmother is doing better. Also, congrats on the write up in the magazine. I think that staying in the choir will definately be worth it. I think we working people spend so much time trying to do all the serious and important stuff for other people that we often lose sight of little hobbies and/or creative outlets that are just for ourselves. Don’t you think so?

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