I wouldn’t dare write about spiders and my upcoming anniversary in the same blog entry, so I’ll post two entries tonight.  I need your help, Dear Reader.  I need your great gift ideas!  Next week is my wedding anniversary.  Last year’s anniversary gifts will be hard to beat, but I want to try.  It has to be something more than taking her out for dinner.  We talked about going for dinner at Seoul Tower overlooking the city, but I hear that the food isn’t so good.  (Is the food at observatory deck restaurants ever delicious?) 
Last year, in honor of our tenth anniversary, I took my wife to Chez François L’Auberge in Great Falls, Virginia, one of the finest French restaurants in the Washington, D.C. area.  I gave her a brand-new wedding ring, long-stemmed roses, and I wrote a small book for her.  Our anniversary book featured our love story, a collection of family words and phrases (you know, those cute pet sayings couples say to each other), and all the songs I used to sing to my son when he was younger.  I think I exhausted what was left of my creativity on those gfts.  I used to be good at coming up with gift giving ideas, but lately reality has dimmed my sense of creativity.  I need your help.  Please post some gift ideas for me!  Thanks, I appreciate it.  By the way, if you’re in the Washington, D.C. area, I highly recommend having dinner at Chez François L’Auberge.  The food is manifique, the service is exceptional, and the atmosphere is belle.  Très haute couture.

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Edwards is author of six books. His memoir, Kilimanjaro: One Man’s Quest to Go Over the Hill, was finalist for the Book of the Year Award and the Global eBook Award. He has published four children’s picture books in the World Adventurers for Kids Series: Alexander the Salamander; Ellie the Elephant; Zoe the Zebra; and a collection featuring all three stories. His book Real Dreams: Thirty Years of Short Stories is an anthology of 15 short stories.

Edwards lives in Taipei, Taiwan with his family. He has also lived in Austria, Singapore and Thailand. For more books or stories by M.G. Edwards, visit his web site at www.mgedwards.com or contact him by e-mail at me@mgedwards.com or on Twitter @m_g_edwards.

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  1. Unknown's Gravatar Unknown
    September 21, 2005    

    What is your wife like? How many years have you been married? Would she want something she can’t easily get in Korea? Is there something Korean (tableware, pottery, paper, clothing) that she’s been admiring? What about an afternoon at a spa? Do you want to take her somewhere for the day (by plane or train)?

  2. Unknown's Gravatar Unknown
    September 21, 2005    

    Great site! Congrats on being chosen for "best of" spaces.

  3. Konvalia's Gravatar Konvalia
    September 21, 2005    

    What about some romantic spa for two with candles, massages, good food, and a great service? or maybe a flight over some nice area?

  4. selen's Gravatar selen
    September 22, 2005    

    Hi;5 years ago my husband (boy friend at that time) gave me a CD ; I confess a CD was not a kind of gift that I have expected for valentines day. But now I can easily say that it was the best gift that I have ever had.CD was full of pictures with funny subtitles and comments starting from my childhood,then his childhood going on with our trips and moments that we could not understand the values when we are in them.Nowadays money can buy lots of things but you need something like that for invading the heart again !!

  5. Mike's Gravatar Mike
    September 23, 2005    

    You’re book of personal quotes is going to be hard to beat as an anniversary gift. I went with the traditional gifts early on, but I always try to put a twist on it. For the “Iron” year I gave her a watch but I wrapped it in a bottle of empty iron supplements. I don’t know what year you’re going on, but some of the “traditional” gifts can definitely make you think of a unique gift. (PS I couldn’t find the personal blog. Admittedly I didn’t spend too much time on it, but the other visitor’s made it sound so easy.)

  6. bill's Gravatar bill
    January 2, 2006    

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  7. bill's Gravatar bill
    January 2, 2006    

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