Lest you think…

…that all is hunky dory at home from the rosy imagery painted on this blog, I wanted to point out that it’s been a trying few days with our son.  He hasn’t been feeling well and threw up last night and last Saturday.  He seems perfectly fine until around midnight, when everything he consumed during the day came back up.  Twice.  It was absolutely nasty.  Then tonight, at a restaurant, I sat him next to me and tried to be a good dad.  All of a sudden, for absolutely no reason, he slammed his head into my mouth, cutting my lip and causing the blood to flow.  It still hurts like !@#$, and I now have a nice welt on my mouth.  I suppose you could say that illness made him act up, but during times like these, having a child is not much fun.  I’m sure things will be better in a few days.  For those who wish they had families, be mindful of times like these.  You have to take the good with the bad.
  1. Bob

    I taught him thatone before I left Korea.  I told him that it was a traditional way of wishing your parents a Happy New Year. 
    I see he remembered – what a smart kid!!!

  2. Wade

    At least he didn’t bean you in the eye with billiard ball…  🙂  That happened to my Physical Therapist, and he ended up with a big ol’ black eye for about a week and a half.  🙂

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