Today I was Superdad.  What’s a superdad?  He’s the guy who wears many hats in the family.  You often hear about "supermoms," the moms/wives who do everything.  Today I can honestly say I was Superdad for my own family.  I know, a true Superdad is a Superdad everyday.  However, the start of my tenure as Superdad began after we arrived in Korea.  I previously found it difficult to juggle the many responsibilities of a Superdad, because my primary focus on learning Korean and on our move to Korea.  Today was different.  I worked a full day at the office, and I multitasked after I came home.  I played with my son, cooked dinner, did the dishes and spent the rest of the evening putting our home in order.  Our air freight arrived today, so we have yet more things to sort through and put away.  I cleared most of the furniture out of one room to make way for our new den, and I moved the furniture to another room.  When I came home the air freight was scattered throughout the house, but now it has been pretty much been put away.  In an odd way it is very liberating to be free to do all of those things.  I’m sure it will get old after awhile, but for now it’s a nice change to be Superdad.

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