Getting ready to move

Today was a long day.  My wife’s parents returned to China on Thursday after spending a month visiting us in Seoul.  Since then, we’ve been busy tearing the house apart.  The boxes have come out, and some items have already been prepared for shipment.  It’s starting to look like moving time again.  Things really geared up today.  I spent the morning taking down the Christmas tree and decorations (we kept them up longer than usual to keep the house looking festive during our transition), pulling out the suitcases from the attic, tearing down my son’s swing set, and cleaning out the storage shed. 
We have to separate everything into three different shipments.  One shipment, the largest, is bound for Paraguay.  We won’t see that one again until next July or August.  The second shipment will head for our temporary home in Virginia, where it will be waiting for us next March.  The third shipment will head back to permanent storage in the United States.  We shipped too many goods to Seoul, and two years later, we figured out what we really didn’t need after all, such as the circular saw.  We’ll also send back some items mistakenly sent to us, including a sofa chair and incomplete pieces of furniture. 
We made some progress today, but there is much yet left to do.  Our move is a week from tomorrow, so there’s still time, however limited, to pack.  These kinds of moves are always intense.  Life is insanely busy until the day you depart, and then suddenly it’s all over.
Blog Note:  Hi Quemino, thanks for stopping by for a visit.  I didn’t realize that "The Host" will be released in the U.S. as an independent film.  The movie is the highest-grossing Korean film in history, so it’s no surprise that it will make its way to the United States.  I have not yet seen the movie but have heard mixed reviews from Koreans who have seen it.  While "The Host" is a ground-breaking science fiction film in Korean cinema, its special effects pale in comparison to those featured in the upcoming Hollywood film "Transformers."

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