Getting it all done

Dear Reader, I have not been diligent lately in writing my blog, because life has been pretty hectic for me.  Last Wednesday, I took my Spanish language exam via digital video conference, and I improved my Spanish speaking/reading score from 1/2 to 1+/2.  Althought the improvement was slight, it was still worth the effort.  It’s the best I could expect from difficult testing conditions.  I took the test from 9:30 p.m. until 1:00 a.m., an odd time that accommodated the Spanish testers’ schedules in Washington, D.C.  On Friday, after a long day at work, I attended a dinner welcoming my new boss to Seoul.  Afterwards, I went out with a good friend to wish him well as he returns to the U.S.  Tonight, I ended one year as chair of our community association board.  I spoke to our community and updated them on all that the association has accomplished for them in the past year.  I try not to openly brag about my accomplishments on this blog (although I do hint sometimes, I know).  I do have to write that our board’s advisor, and a high-level official, said that I had done the best job of any association chair he had worked with during his career.  It warmed my heart to hear that.  Serving as chair of our community association was a labor of love.  I’m proud of all we did to improve the community association and the community at large.  I am tired, though, and I’m ready to take a much needed break.  I have to shift gears now and write a report for a conference we recently hosted as well as a magazine article.  I plan to go in early tomorrow, on Sunday, and work on it. 
Tomorrow night my parents arrive for their first trip to Asia.  They will spend the night with us here in Seoul and will leave immediately to spend one week in China on tour.  They will return the following week and spend two weeks with us.  I will take them to the airport on Monday morning, work all day Monday, go to one last community association meeting to hand over the chairmanship, and then have dinner with some acquaintances.  Tuesday night we will host a "hail and farewell" party for colleagues who recently arrived or will be departing soon.  Wednesday is our anniversary, and my wife and I are planning a night on the town.  On Thursday, I have Spanish tutoring and a much needed night at home.  The following Friday, I will join my wife for an evening with her colleagues at the symphony.  My parents return the next day, Saturday.
*sigh*  That is the way life seems to be right now.  Life is much more hectic than I would like it to be.  So many things are happening that my wife and I had to make a special calendar so that we can keep track of all the things we have to do until we leave Seoul.  I’ve had to turn down some engagements.  We had to say no to a goodbye dinner for some friends, because it conflicts with our anniversary date.  I had to forego joining the community choir, because it would be much too great a time commitment for me.  As it is, we have just four more months here in Seoul.  I have a feeling that life will become even more hectic as our departure date approaches.

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