Am I supposed to be excited?

Having attended the University of Washington and being a proud Husky, I’ve been told I should never root for cross-state rival Washington State University, home of the Cougars.  I don’t begrudge the Cougars when they win at sports, even when they beat the Huskies.  But as a Vandal who attended the University of Idaho, I cannot be so quick to congratulate the cross-state Boise State University Broncos for winning the biggest football game in Idaho State history.  BSU beat Oklahoma 43-42 in the Fiesta Bowl in a game touted by many as one of the greatest bowl games in history.  BSU, the cinderella team, beat the Sooners on a trick play in overtime. 
‘Nuff said.  I really should be happy, shouldn’t I?  I didn’t see the game, although I did wonder how it stacks up against last year’s Texas-USC game (waiting for Tortmaster to chime in).  Some of my high school chums attended Boise State.  It brings pride and recognition to a state many people confuse with Iowa (except for Iowans themselves and a few Minnesotans).  So should I be proud of the Broncos and say congratulations?  No, I really can’t, and here’s why:
  • Could you seriously root for a team whose school’s initials are B.S. U.?  (Yes, it is an Idaho inside joke.)
  • B.S.U. is an upstart.  Think of all those poor Idaho State Univesity students in Pocatello who get absolutely no respect as regional school, even though it really should be the state’s #2 university.
  • Rumor has it that cow-tipping and beer bonging are undergraduate majors.
  • The Broncos play on blue turf.  That’s fine if you’re a smurf or Timothy Leary.
  • B.S.U. primarily serves the Boise area, making it arguably the largest community college in the nation (no offense to community colleges around the country). 
  • No other colleges sponsor bowl games to make sure their teams get a bowl invite each year and name it after some lofty ideal with lousy marketing potential (Humanitarian Bowl).
  • Boise is not a State.
  • B.S.U. is a short drive to slots, booze, and brothels in Nevada.
  • The Idaho State Legislature forgot that the only reason the state capital is in Boise is because the territorial government in Lewiston gave the capital to Boise and the State University to Moscow.
  • Bronco football proves that a university can sustain itself through athletics when it does not have much to offer academically.

Oh, relax Broncos fans!  You know I love you anyway.

  1. Bob

    C’mon, man, you know the answer:  nothing stacks up against last year’s Texas-USC game.  Nont now, not ever.  Unless it is one day eclipsed by another UT or A&M game.

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