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This month’s featured blog is Angel’s Line.  The blog’s author, Angeline Tay, is one of the nicest people I’ve never met.  Although I haven’t met her in person, I know a lot about her through her writing, and she knows about me by reading this blog.  She has a heart as big as this world and is one of the most positive people I know.  Her blog, Angel’s Line, is inspirational and leaves one pondering the spiritual side of life.  From time to time I stop on by to read her posts, messages, thoughts, musings, stories, and her testimony.  In many ways Angeline is like a little angel sitting on my shoulder, whispering insights with a soft tap, tap, tap of her keyboard.  She has faithfully read World Adventurers for over a year, which she lets me know from time to time when she posts a comment.
Angeline lives in Singapore with her husband and children.  I hope that one day I will have a chance to meet her and her family and introduce them to mine.  I don’t know whether the opportunity will present itself anytime soon.  Once we leave Korea in 2007, we may not be back in Asia until after we leave Paraguay in 2009.  If we do make it to Singapore, we definitely plan to meet her.  One of the joys of blogging is meeting new friends from around the world.  I’m not sure our paths would have crossed were it not for MSN Spaces.   
Yesterday Angeline asked me what I thought of “The Da Vinci Code.”  I read the book and plan to see the movie.  I also read a couple of books refuting the central theme of Dan Brown’s bestseller, that Jesus married Mary Magdalene and fathered a child who became the bloodline of French royalty.  I’ll watch the movie and write my thoughts next week.
Blog Note:  Barry Bonds hit his 715th home run on Sunday, passing Babe Ruth on Major League Baseball’s all-time list.  There’s a Korean angle to this story–Korean Colorado Rockies Pitcher Byung-Hyun Kim.  Will Koreans be proud that one of their own gave up the home run to Bonds?
  1. Angeline

    Dear Mike,
    I am honoured to be this month’s featured blog in your space.  Thank you for your kind introduction.
         I will be delighted to meet up with you and your family if you happen to visit Singapore one day.
         God bless you and your family with love, joy and peace.

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