Featured Blog: Muna’s Blog

I searched the Web last month to see whether I could find any Paraguay-focused blogs written in English.  There aren’t many Paraguay blogs in the blogosphere written any language, even in Spanish, German, or Guarani (an indigenous Paraguayan language), Paraguay’s primary languages.  That’s why I was fortunate to stumble upon Muna’s Blog (http://www.emeraldpass.com/blog/), one of the few English-language blogs focusing on Paraguay (World Adventurers will also focus on Paraguay next year after we move to Asuncion). 
A native Paraguayan, Muna now lives with her family in suburban Seattle.  We’re happy that Muna is not only Paraguayan but also has a Seattle connection.  She now lives not far from where we lived before we moved overseas.   We’ve already been in contact with Muna and plan to meet her when we visit Seattle next February.  Next summer, she will return to Paraguay for a visit (which is actually wintertime in Paraguay because the seasons are reversed in the Southern Hemisphere).  We’re looking forward to meeting Muna again when she visits our new, adopted home.  In addition, we hope that Muna will introduce us to Paraguayan culture, especially Paraguayan locals.  We’ve been told by many people who have spent time in Paraguay that meeting and making Paraguayan friends can be an immense challenge for expatriates.  I’m looking forward to experiencing Paraguayan culture at the local level and hope that Muna can help us get started.
Muna’s blog features a treasure trove of information about Paraguay.  It is quite interactive, with videos, music, and photos of Paraguay that help the country come alive on the Internet.  Muna’s blog heightens our anticipation of what lays in store for us in this interesting land, and it piques our interest in getting to know Muna and her family.  Check out her blog!

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