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"Girl in the Rain" (http://intherain.wordpress.com/) is a blog written by one of my colleagues.  She is a very nice lady, and I’m glad I met her and had the opportunity to work with her, however briefly.  We’ve worked together for about six months, since she arrived in Korea.  She will be here for another year and a half or so after I leave the country.  If you want your weekly fix of life in Korea written from another expat perspective, check out her blog.  World Adventurers will slowly shift gears away from Korea and East Asia towards focusing on Paraguay and Latin America, so if you want a continuation on life in Korea, have a read.
Girl in the Rain is also a fellow Seattleite, albeit from a another suburb often overlooked by us uppity Eastsiders who think that the upscale Eastside ends at Coal Creek Parkway (Seattleites will know what I mean).  We see eye to eye on things only Seattlelites can understand, although she would be quick to point that I’m not a true Seattleite, because I’m not native to the area.  Still, a conversation with her about Seattle is like rekindling a mutual identity that no layman Starbucks patron or Boeing pilot could understand.  From the Fremont Troll to the Renton Train Depot, she knows it all.  She peppers her blog with Seattleisms too, some too subtle for outsiders to catch.
She isn’t a frequent poster, but she has plenty of photos and stories to share with you.  She’s posted some memorable moments from our collective experience that I haven’t talked about on my blog, like this year’s Marine Ball.  Virtually everyone pictured is either a colleague, acquaintance, and/or friend of mine.  We all had a ball, figuratively and literally.  Great people, all.  And yes, the goofy looking Asian dude pictured is aware his photo is on the blog, and he’s one of my good friends.  One of the sharpest guys you’d ever want to meet.  If you want more of an inside scoop on Foreign Service life in Seoul, stop by her blog from time to time.  My blog is typically more vague and eclectic, musing about whatever whimsical topic comes to my mind on a given day.  While I have not devolved into recounting the number of countries and states I’ve visited (24 and 29), I have accounted for plenty of minutiae.  Girl’s blog is a much more straightforward view of life here.  Enjoy!
  1. ♥ Aimee

    isn’t it great to be able to make so many friends…
    :o) smiles are contagious…pass one to people that you love and those you don’t… :o)

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