Do the Top Spin

C’mon everybody
Do the top spin!

Spin your way to the top
Spin to your left
Spin to your right
Spin out of control
Spin spin spin
Day and night!
Not this way
Go that way
Put it here
Take it there
Need it now
Off till later
C’mon everybody
Do the top spin!
Tasmanian devil
It’s all a blur
Move so fast
Can’t slow down
Blink you’re gone
Here till dawn
Spin like crazy
Spin all around
Spin upstairs
Spin around town
Can’t stop
Spinning to the top!

C’mon everybody
Do the top spin!

  1. Bob

    Dude….seriously….lay off the crack.Ok, I’ll bite: Is this some kid’s song that you got stuck in your head, and you’re so bitter about it you thought you’d spew your musical bile upon innocent blogstanders that happen by?

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