Dear Reader, let’s get together

Dear Reader, with all the fun comments you posted on Seattle rain and the Top Spin over the past few days (mars_wolf, I read yours too), I started thinking.  What if we had a "World Adventurers" get together?  Where would it be?  What would we do?  Who would be the opening act?  What would be served for dinner?  Would we even have dinner?  I’ve met many of you, and some of you I have learned a lot about since you started reading my myriad musings about life in and outside Korea.  I love your comments.  Please post some comments and tell me your thoughts on a "World Adventurers" get together.  What would you do with this motley crew, Dear Reader?
Let me give you an example.  Let’s say I’m my cousin, Wade3016, who will probably read this entry tomorrow and post a whimsical response.  He will probably write, "Oh, don’t flatter yourself.  Come back to Seattle for a visit.  Let’s go watch the stars.  I’d rather be a stargazer than a World Adventurer."  Or something to that effect.  Or perhaps my buddy Exiled_Attorney1 will write, "Let’s all go out for karaoke and drinks.  We can watch you sing like Cartman."  Or something to that effect.  Maybe they’ll post different comments, but I’m doing my best to get a response from them.
Blog Notes:  "Do the Top Spin" was a song I made up in my head.  It doesn’t have any particular melody and isn’t a remake of a popular song.  It was just one of those days when I feel like I’m figuratively spinning around like a top at work.  Tonight is a quiet Friday night.  I just put my son to bed while his mom is working late.  I’ll try to think of something more eclectic to write about tomorrow.
  1. Bob

    It would go something like this: First, our wives demand an itinerary for the evening. They will advance visit every location on the list and get the number at the bar so that they can track our progress. Before we actually go out, they will make us eat mounds of Kim-chi to ensure that no female gets within 30 feet of us.Then, we hit the bars and swap potty-training strategies while in our heads we reminisce about the days when we were young, free, and attractive (even if we weren’t), all the while wishing that our wives hadn’t imposed such a strict scotch budget.Finally, despite our intentions to "party like we did back in the day," we realize that the wife is already ticked and that we have to take care of the kids tomorrow. So, we head home early, claiming that we "had a rough day at work."Or is that too realistic?I won’t speak for Wade, since I don’t know him….Well, maybe I will. A quick gander at his blog clearly shows that he has a muppet fetish, so I’m guessing we spend the night looking for a Noraebang where the girls are willing to dress up like Ms. Piggy.

  2. Wade

    Oh Mike, don’t flatter yourself… 🙂 I couldn’t resist even though I would never start a comment with that phrase… :-)ahem… I am trying to get to Korea this year, it is like you don’t believe I will come… 🙂 Everybody keeps saying they are going when I was planning on going and is making it kind of frustrating… :-)I don’t expect perfect strangers to sit in the dark freezing their butts off staring at dim fuzzy things in a telescope that vaguely resemble things like swans, pinwheels, or horse heads… I reserve that strictly for family and close friends. :-)Could see how many people we could pile into my VW Bug. 🙂 Or, for the even tough challenge, a Cessna 150 (, both of which are "relics" of the past. Although taking off with more than two people in the 150 could bring the FAA knocking on my door. :-)Exiled_Attorney1: No muppet fetish… 🙂 "Beaker" is just the perfect "icon" for what I do for a career… "Software Testing". As Mike can attest to, I have a tendancy to be very passionate about other "fetishes" or I should say hobbies, that I have… Astronomy, Photography, Astrophotography, Aircooled VWs, and most recently Flying. 🙂

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