Dear reader

I love writing this blog.  It’s a great way to unwind after a long day.  I usually write very late after dinner and my son goes to bed.  I clear out my list of evening to-dos and sit down to write about something.  Sometimes I wonder about my audience and what they’d like to read.  Just who is reading about the misadventures of World Adventurers?  What do you want to read about?  Is there enough variety to keep you coming back?  Do I write in such gory detail that the narrative drags on?  Am I on your RSS so you get an instant message when I post an update?  Am I linked to your blog?  Of course, I know Wade3016 and a few other readers personally.  I share this blog with friends and family back home so they can read about how life is in faraway Korea.  I enjoy reading the comments of people who stop by and post a thoughtful insight or give feedback.  Sometimes I check the traffic to see who’s stopping by our online home.  You readers lead fascinating lives.  You may be from Illinois or from China.  Brazilian bombshells and newlyweds living in the Midwest have stopped by to check out the site.  Take mars_wolf, a blogger in China, for instance.  Mars_wolf occasionally posts a great comment here and even posted a link to World Adventurers (thanks).  Mars_wolf’s blog is at  There are some awesome photo albums and great entries there (as much as I can read in simplified Chinese).  Check it out.  Traffic to this site increases whenever I post entries because MSN Spaces advertises recently updated blogs.  Sometimes the site piques their interest; sometimes they can’t read it because they don’t speak English.  That’s the beauty of the blogosphere–it connects people who normally would never connect, and sometimes those connections go beyond a cursory visit.  Dear reader, thanks for stopping by.  Wade3016 and I appreciate it. 

  1. Wade

    Yeah… I sent you an e-mail a couple weeks ago as well… 🙂 Paitently waiting for a reply… :-)Maybe someday I will start writing something… I set up the space, "Uncle Bill", actually more like "Uncle Brian", keeps us too busy… :-)-Wade H.

  2. Wade

    You might be surprised to know, that I have no idea what RSS is. 🙂 So, the answer to your question about RSS would be "No… Don’t know what it is… don’t know how to setup up… don’t know how it works… don’t know what it does… etc." Although from your blog, I have a faint idea what it does… Yes, I know shocking coming from someone who is usually looked upon as a "computer god", and actually now owns a "geek." t-shirt, which reminds me I should actually pick one up for you since you were able to successfully get your computer and home network setup in Korea without even having to ask me a single question. 🙂 Just e-mail me your shirt size and an address… You will find it cute and get a laugh out of it, as will your wife… 🙂 You still have my e-mail address right? :-)-Wade H.

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