Happy Father's Day

I want to wish every father a Happy Father’s Day.  To me, Father’s Day always used to mean buying something for my dad.  Now, with my son, it’s a day I can pat myself on the back for a job well done.  I told my son he didn’t need to buy me anything (he didn’t; of course, he’s only two years old).  Personally, the best present he could give his parents would be a full night’s sleep.  One of these days, I’m sure he will!  I called home today to wish dad a Happy Father’s Day.  Yesterday, my family went out with some friends to the Westin Chosun Hotel (next to Seoul City Hall) for brunch.  The brunch was delicious, and my son was well behaved throughout the meal.  The Westin Chosun, built in 1914, is the oldest Korean hotel still in operation.  The five-star hotel wraps itself halfway around a gorgeous pagoda.  It is a favorite locale for wedding banquets, particularly among Seoul’s well-to-do.  We also did some shopping at Myongdong, a trendy shopping district just east of the Westin Chosun.  My wife bought me a beautiful scarlet Nina Ricci necktie at Lotte Department Store for Father’s Day.  I also replaced the battery on my best watch.  It hasn’t worked since I arrived in Seoul, but now I can wear it for the big Fourth of July event in just a few weeks.

Yesterday evening, I picked up an intern who arrived in Seoul to work with me over the summer.  He arrived with his wife.  A student at Brigham Young University and a member of the Mormon Church, he previously did his Mission in Korea and speaks some Korean (better than me, I’m sure).  I picked them up and brought them over to a colleague’s house for a barbeque.  This time I did not assume grilling duties.  Instead, I introduced the new arrivals to some of our colleagues and mingled for awhile.  Afterwards, I drove them to their new abode and helped them settle in.  This morning, I went to the store and bought them a few food items to tide them over this weekend.  When I brought the items over to their house, I was surprised to find that they had left for church.  They’ve been in Korea for less than a day.  Wow, that’s dedication.

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