Let it snow!

We had our first major snowstorm of the year this morning.  Only three inches of snow fell on the Washington, D.C. area, but it happened so quickly on the eve of Inauguration Day that it threw many people here into a huge panic.  It’s been said that drivers in D.C. represent different driving styles from around the world, and many are notoriously bad drivers even in good weather.  The sudden snow left many drivers panicked, stranded, or victims of fender benders.  I went by the Rosslyn area in Arlington today and watched in amusement as cars with bald tires try to climb the hill on Wilson Blvd.  Not a chance!  It was a big mess.  I even passed by a Porsche stalled in the middle of the freeway.  All those horses don’t mean a thing if you don’t have good tires.  I also drove today and was concerned too about getting home in a reasonable amount of time, but by the time I on my way the snow had started to melt and the commute was much better.  I’m just glad that tomorrow is a day off for D.C.-area Federal employees so I don’t have to venture far from home.  Inauguration Day is always in D.C. when it comes around every four years.

I also saw Secretary of State Colin Powell bid adieu today to the State Department.  It was a tearful farewell.  I didn’t attend the ceremony but I watched part of it on television.  Secretary Powell will be greatly missed.  He made some major changes in the Department that have helped better prepare it for the challenges of the 21st Century.  Dr. Condoleeza Rice was confirmed by the Senate yesterday and will be the incoming Secretary of State.  I hope that she can continue to carry on the reforms that Secretary Powell started.  Tomorrow is a new day and a new administration.

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