Reporting from Home

Dear Reader, I haven’t shared much lately on what’s happening here at home.  Frankly, I haven’t had much new information to share with you.  My wife and I still work full time and return home each evening, spending weekends off with our son.  Our son is spending more time lately outside because it’s summer and the monsoon season has been relatively mild (thus far–fingers crossed).  Our new family members, three tetrafish–a blue one named “daddy,” a pink one named “mommy,” and a smaller, translucent one with a yellowish tinge named “baby”–are still adjusting to life at our home.  They’ve been in a bit of a funk since they were separated from their owner over the last three years.  I found out last week that a long-time family member, one of my parents’ dogs, a black lab named “Shadow,” died at the old age of 13.  He was a good dog. 
We’ve entertained ourselves with outings, like our anniversary visit to Seoul Tower for dinner, and with BBQs, like the preemptive one with Bob of Tortmaster fame I used to outmanuever him.  It’s been a time filled with trips to the store, which lately seem to be one of the more lively activities.  My son enjoys the children’s book and toy aisles, my wife hovers around the clothing and grocery sections, and I sneak off to the media and technology areas.  I’ve also managed to break away twice for a couple of movies in between a steady stream of chores ranging from mowing to filing an insurance claim for our broken car window. 
This weekend will be a bit more lively.  On Friday evening I will travel with colleagues to the southern coast of Korea to greet and incoming sea vessel, and the following evening my wife and I will join a big group of friends for a noraebang reprisal.  We’ll also take our son to his first feature-length film, Pixar’s CGI-animated “Cars.”  He’s really looking forward to it.  After our long respite in China and the U.S., we really haven’t minded laying low at home.  We’ve had a chance to recuperate and are now ready to get out and explore more of Korea before we leave this fascinating land.
  1. Wade

    Please pass my condolences on to your parents about Shadow…  I remember Shadow was the new puppy when I stopped over at your parents on my way to moving to Seattle.  Shadow will be missed.
    -Wade H.

  2. Bob

    Oh…so now we’re BRAGGING about using my sense of common decency to "outmaneuver" me? 
    Vengeance, my friend, is a dish best served cold.

  3. quemino's world

    Hey, just fyi I’m back up and running. PS – I just saw lightning bugs for the first time last night.  It was really an experience. Cheers.

  4. 橋閣靭

    Hello. I have been looking at your space, and it seems to me that you are very qwell-rounded and cultured. This is something I can admire in a person. Confucius once said that riches adorn a house, and virtue adorns a person. May your person be adorned in the highest excellence.
    So you are in Korea right now? In a few weeks I am moving to Korea permanently, to undertake the life of an independent scholar. I am pleased to observe your interest in the North – it is a place frequently overlooked.
    I wish the best for you and your wife and your family.

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