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Dear Reader, I am still alive!  I haven’t had much time to write over the past few days.  Last Thursday, my cousin arrived for a two-week vacation in Korea.  He’s the one who writes Doodlespace, another Windows Spaces Live blog.  The next day, my wife and I went to the Marine Ball, the biggest event of the year.  On Saturday, I took my cousin to the Korean Folk Village, and yesterday, we went to Seoul Tower and watched a Korean Basketball League game and met some friends for dinner.  Today was a down day, as the weather remained uncooperative.  I took the day off and thoroughly enjoyed it.  Tomorrow, we will head to Gyeongju for two days.  I will try to write more on Wednesday or Thursday after I return. 
My cousin, who reads this blog and will invariably read this entry many days from now and may post a response, wondered why I didn’t blog much about my parents’ recent visit to Korea.  Well, the polite answer is that you respect their privacy.  The true answer is that when you’re busy entertaining guests, you have very little time to blog about them!  My cousin will probably post more about his visit than I will, not because I don’t care, but rather because he’ll want to bring you the play by play while I’m serving as tour guide.  Check out his blog.
More to follow soon…
  1. Wade

    And I thought it was because I was "hogging" all of the time on the computer trying to keep in touch with what is going on in Seattle while I am here in Korea.  🙂

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