This year, remember the diplomats too

Dear Reader, you’re in for a rare treat–I posted two blog entries on the same day!  Happy Memorial Day.  I was watching the news earlier today.  It reminded that every year on Memorial Day the media outlets drag out and dust off their flags and wave them on television in honor of those who have died for our country.  Their coverage inevitably focuses on the U.S. military and the soldiers who have died or suffered in the line of duty.  Their sacrifice is noble, and I appreciate their service and sacrifices immensely. 
At the same rate, little attention is paid to civilians who serve our country and have died or have been wounded in the line of duty.  This Memorial Day, please also remember the diplomats and other civilians who faithfully serve their country in situations that are often extremely difficult and dangerous.  In some cases, the diplomats remain behind when the troops go home.  For this reason, it is still true that since the Vietnam War, more diplomats have died in the line of duty than commissioned U.S. military officers.
God bless America, and God bless those who serve our country.  Happy Memorial Day.

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