Brave new world

Someone sent me a link to a very interesting web site.  If you’re interested in technology and the media like I am (most bloggers are), you may also find this fascinating and very thought provoking.  It’s an intriguing look into what our digital future could look like, a crystal ball through someone else’s lens.  I couldn’t resist sharing it with you.  Have a look and let me know what you think.  I’ll post my thoughts about the site tomorrow night.  Click on the link below to enter the site.  If the link doesn’t work, surf over to


  1. Wade

    🙂 🙂 So, Google is going to take over the world and the New York Times is going to basically go out of business… 🙂 It didn’t really say what was going to happen to MSFT, as that stuff is a very small part of MSFT’s business.I do believe the print media will have a struggle to survived against the on-line world, as print media like newspapers can be totally inconvienent. However, there is nothing like sitting on the couch on a sunday morning and relaxing with a paper. Here in Seattle you can start to see the stuggle of the newspaper. In Seattle, we have two papers, the Seattle Times, and the Seattle Post-Intelligencer (a.k.a. the "Seattle P-I"). The papers operate under a Joint Operations Agreement (basically the Times lets the P-I use their presses) It used to be that the P-I was the morning paper and the Times was the afternoon paper, and thus if you liked you paper in the morning you subscribed to the P-I and if you liked it when you got home, you subscribed to the Times. However, a couple years ago, the Times changed to be a morning paper in direct competition with the P-I. The P-I has struggled with readership, and the rumor has floated around Seattle on more than one occaision that the P-I was going to have close up shop.Magazines I think are different though… I subscribe to a couple for my various hobbies, one of which is Sky & Telescope. While Sky & Telescope has a nice site and every thing, there is just something about reading the articles and seeing the pictures in the print form of the magazine vs. on a computer monitor.TV will survive for quite sometime, but you will probably see the TV and computer merge into one. You can already see this with things such as Microsoft Media Center.Anyhow… I should get going… 🙂 Got a finish writing my Test Plan. :-)-Wade H.

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