When things go right

Today was a banner day for me.  Many things ("action items" in business speak) that have been hanging in limbo waiting to be done ("closed") finally happened today.  Computer software and hardware I ordered arrived.  Payroll requests were processed.  Multimedia I had taken to two vendors to render into DVDs were available for pick up (the first one botched the job).  Rent paid.  Onward and upward.  Although I didn’t study Korean as much today as I should with my final exam on Friday, I still feel great about having completed a bunch of things on my never-ending to-do list.  Doesn’t it feel great when things go right for a change?  If I could count the days I’d proverbially banged my head because nothing went right, I would probably be able to retire early.  Neverthelessl, no one should ever become a slave to a to-do list.  There’s still much to be done in preparation of our journey to Korea.  I can only hope that after the first month or so in Korea life will slow down substantially.

The Vote in Iraq went better than expected.  That’s great news.  We still have to wait a few days until the finally results are tallied.  With all the terrible news coming out of Iraq and the recent tsunami tragedy, it’s nice to hear some good news.  The voter turnout appears to be better than expected; terrorism lower than expected.  If Iraqis can brave the threat of the death to go to the polls, surely we can do the same. 

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