The eve of The Vote

Tomorrow the Iraqi people vote in the first multi-party national elections in Iraq in over 50 years.  No matter where you stand on the war, occupation, and current U.S. presence in Iraq, you surely must be hoping that the elections go well.  The press lately has put a more positive, hopeful spin on the Iraqi elections.  Violence continues, but Iraqis appear to be reacting positively to the elections as candidates and as voters.  According to the Washington Post, a polling place has been set up in New Carrollton, Maryland, a D.C. suburb, to accommodate expatriate Iraqi voters.  Iraqis have traveled from all over the U.S. to vote there.  I hope that the vote goes well and is a decisive one, not an election marred by violence, disenfranchisement, or fraud.  These can happen anywhere in places such as the Ukraine, and even in Washington State where the result of the Washington gubernatorial race is being challenged in court.  Iraq undoubtedly has an even greater possibility of having a marred election.  Let’s hope not.

From the "Things that Make You Go Hmm" Department:  Today while I was pumping gas into my vehicle at a local gas station I noticed a large cigarette advertisement over the gas pump.  Well, that makes a whole lot of sense.  Please…no smoking while pumping gas, but by the way go buy some cigarettes while you’re pumping gas.  Definitely a great example of product misplacement! 

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