Bangkok Flooding: Photos of Lak Si and Don Mueang

October 29, 2011

Bangkok, Thailand

6 p.m. Local Time

We drove October 29 on Chaengwatthana Road heading toward Don Mueang Airport in Nonthaburi Province north of Bangkok. As you may have heard, flight operations at the airport were cancelled until at least November 2 because of flooding, and the airport has become a giant shelter for thousands of flood victims. While we saw some flooding on Chaengwatthana, I’m cautiously optimistic that the situation there will soon be under control. I had heard that these areas were flooded, and the media painted a bleak picture of the flooding. We saw water on the street and some houses partially submerged, but other areas were dry, and the roads were generally passable. That doesn’t mean that we’re through this yet, but at least the situation appears stabilized. For now.

Of course, things could change quickly. Right now, 6 p.m. on October 29, is supposed to be the high water mark when the Gulf of Thailand pushes water up the Chao Phraya River. That could cause more flooding upstream. Also, it poured rain last night, which only made the situation worse. Some Bangkok residents, who are fed up with officials’ efforts to protect some areas while allowing others to flood, have taken matters into their own hands by destroying dykes and barriers. The Bangkok Post reported that residents destroyed a dyke on the Khlong Prapa (Waterworks Canal) in Pathum Thani. The canal, which feeds Bangkok’s water system, could overflow again. As of 3:30 p.m. today, the canal looked high but not overflowing.

Tomorrow I plan to look around central Bangkok and will take updated photos of the flooding in the center.

Here are photos we took in the Don Mueang area in Nonthaburi Province. These are the dry sections of Chaengwatthana Road.

2011_10_29 Don Mueang

2011_10_29 Don Mueang (2)

2011_10_29 Don Mueang (10)

As we headed west toward the airport, the flooding started to creep onto the roadway.

2011_10_29 Don Mueang (3)

2011_10_29 Don Mueang (4)

2011_10_29 Don Mueang (5)

2011_10_29 Don Mueang (6)

2011_10_29 Don Mueang (7)

2011_10_29 Don Mueang (8)

2011_10_29 Don Mueang (9)

2011_10_29 Don Mueang (11)

  1. April

    thank you so much for this information. me and my mum are lying in late on the 5th of november at the international airport and will be going to the bankok 9 hospital. i hope we dont get stuck 🙁 i hope everyone is coping !!!

  2. edworlds

    Hi April, thanks for your nice comment and for subscribing to my blog! We’ve evacuated from our home but are otherwise okay. I’ve been told that the floodwaters will peak this weekend and the start receding. I would check with Bangkok 9 Hospital for an update on the flooding in their area. As far as I know, all the major hospitals are still up and running, although they may have more patients being treated for injuries related to the floods. The main airport, Suvarnabhumi, is operating normally; the domestic one, Don Mueang, is not. Best wishes to you and your mom when you travel here!

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