Our first house guest

Our first house guest in Korea arrived today.  Our good friend Trudy, who lives in northern China where she studies Mandarin Chinese, arrived this afternoon.  She will stay with us for three days until she departs for the United States on vacation.  After she returns to China in July, she will study for one more month before she moves to a small city in Qinghai Province in order to teach English.  Qinghai, located in central western China, is the Chinese version of Nevada (sans the glitter of Las Vegas).  Dry and isolated, it has missed much of the frenzied development taking place along China’s eastern coastline.  I admire Trudy for her willingness to live and teach in relatively harsh conditions.  She will be one of the first foreign teachers teaching in that part of Qinghai.  It’s great that she can bring native language instruction to an area of China that sorely needs more TLC, especially economic development.  She definitely has a servant’s heart.
I’ve known Trudy as long as I’ve known my wife.  In fact, I met them together one fateful day in the fall of 1992.  Through the years she’s been a great friend.  She was the maid of honor at our wedding, and we see her every year or so whenever she passes through where we live (until recently in Seattle).  She had never been to Korea before, so she went out of her way to book a connecting flight from China to the U.S. via Seoul.  We’re happy to see her, because we always love catching up with her.  As my wife says, she’s one of those friends where you can pick up the friendship right where you left it.  Do you have a friend or friends like that–the kind you’re still very close to even if you rarely see them?   In general, my family doesn’t get too many visitors.  We didn’t while we lived in Seattle because Seattle is a bit isolated relative to the rest of the U.S.  Granted, my entire family, including Wade3016, visited us while we were in living in Washington, D.C.  However, I don’t anticipate that we will have many house guests here in Seoul.  My parents, Wade3016, and his aunt have told us they’re planning to come for a visit, but not until next year.  My wife’s family will probably come for a visit from China.  That might be about it for our house guests in Korea.  I’m happy to be able to show someone the live we have here.  It’s great to share.  If you’re in the Seoul area while we’re here, let me know and we’ll see if we can connect.
We have a spare bedroom that I fixed up for Trudy.  Until last weekend it served as an ad hoc storage area.  Her arrival gave me an excuse to straight up the room.  Unfortunately, space is at a premium in our house, and I had to shuffle a bunch of junk from the room to other areas of the house.  Most of it went into the laundry room, so now the laundry room is full of boxes.  I’ve created a small path so that we can access the washer and dryer for the time being.  One of these days I’ll get rid of some of those boxes, but for now it’s nice to have reclaimed the guest bedroom.
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