Gender difference of opinions?

I shared the idea of going to Papua New Guinea on a three-month assignment with a few people I know and trust.  I wanted to see whether they thought taking this assignment was a good idea or a bad idea.  Again, the assignment isn’t mine by any means.  However, if I’m convinced I should take it, I can lobby hard for it at work.  I have a great chance of getting it if I want it.  The assignment has both positives and negatives aspects, and it isn’t clear how good an opportunity it really is or how much of a hardship it will be.  I do not even know if the opportunity will pan out, but it has definitely stirred strong emotions among those who know about it. 
What is perhaps most interesting is that those who favor going to Papua New Guinea and how those who do not differ by gender.  Every woman I talked to about it thinks that I should not go to PNG, regardless of whether my family accompanies me.  Every man I talked to thinks I should do it.  I have my suspicions as to why this is, but I thought I would throw this out to you, dear reader, as food for thought.  If I have the opportunity to take an important assignment in a very difficult location, probably separated from my family for about three months, should I take it?  Should I pass on it?  What do you think?  And why do you think men would agree and women would disagree?  It just goes to show you, we don’t always think the same way.
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    I wonder if it’s the alleged wildness of PNG, or perhaps even it’s remoteness. I’d never thought of it in the way you phrase it – everyone in our family, male and female would probably all encourage you to go, but then we’ve had family members visit there, and other relatives grow up there. Shoot, my mom first went there when she was 55, and she loved every minute of it. Crunch a bit more on the downsides, and see if there is anything that would be a real spoiler. For example, if you were guaranteed to become malarial, I might think again. Otherwise, I would so be there. As for hardships, anyone can hold their breath for a few months.Awesome blog!

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