Windows 7

I just bought a new computer with the Windows 7 operating system pre-installed.  I like it so far.  As many critics have pointed out, Windows 7 is a much better OS than Windows Vista.  Windows 7 runs faster than Vista and has some improved GUI features that enhance the user experience.  The little touches count, and the layman can tell that Microsoft spent considerable time, effort, and money to make Windows more user-friendly.  Gone is the bootup DOS screen, and instead of using ALT-Tab to scroll through open screens, Windows 7’s taskbar has a dynamic feature that allows you to see the Windows when the mouse pointer passes over icons.  I do wish that Microsoft would consider replacing CTRL-ALT-DELETE in a future OS with some other easier to use method of bringing up the intro screen and make it easier to find certain settings it changed from previous OS such as the “Show Desktop” feature on the taskbar (now hidden to the far right).  Despite these mild critiques, I’m impressed.  As my contacts at Microsoft know, that’s not easy to do.  Microsoft will be happy to know that at least one user prefers its latest operating system to Apple’s Snow Leopard OS, which left me feeling as if I were driving on the wrong side of the road.

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