Windows Live Spaces?

I logged into tonight to post a blog entry on Cyworld versus MySpace, but I immediately noticed that MSN Spaces suddenly became Windows Live Spaces (try saying that five times in quick succession).  I know MSN has been warning us for months, but I didn’t realize how dramatic a change it would be.  My initial reaction was, "Microsoft, why are you messing with a perfectly good site?"  I especially dislike the new, large MSNBC banner ad strewn across the top of the blog, taking up to much real estate. Blog content has apparently been relegated to a mere feature the blog page!  Microsoft owns the real estate for this site and allows us squatters to blog here free of charge, so we should be appreciative.  Then again, Blogger doesn’t dominate their bloggers’ sites (Blogger is Google‘s very popular blogging site and a competitor to the site formerly known as MSN Spaces).  I much prefer the old blog layout, where the blog reigns supreme. 
Dear Reader, what do you think of this format change?  Do you like the new face of Spaces?  I laud Microsoft’s effort to build web-based programs that work seamlessly with Windows and Office.  I’m looking forward to the day when I can write a Microsoft Word document using Office Live Word and save it on my online hard drive available for download anywhere.  Spaces is Microsoft’s initial attempt to transition MSN’s capabilities to the world of operating systems and productivity programs.  Microsoft knows it needs to do this to compete with companies such as Google and Yahoo!  Still, I liked the old MSN Spaces.  I was one of the first bloggers to join when it launched in December 2004.  The format had not changed since MSN Spaces was in beta release, and I grew used to it and liked it.  Maybe this new world of Windows Live Spaces will grow on me so much that I will like it better than MSN Spaces.  If not, there’s always Blogger.
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    Google already has the capability to edit and save spreadsheets online (through a gmail account), and is also working to incorporate Writely, an online word processing ‘software’ that also saves online.  If you want to try it out, let me know and I’ll send you an invite.

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