The Coriolis Force

We finally have home Internet access, so I can now write from home and should be able to post more frequently and prolifically.  I have many initial impressions of Paraguay to share with you over the next few days (mostly positive).  One of the first things I did when I arrived in the Southern Hemisphere was test the theory that water drains clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere and counter-clockwise in the Northern Hemisphere.  Some believe that water pouring down a drain is affected by the Coriolis Force, which pulls air clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere and counter-clockwise in the Northern Hemisphere.  The drains I tested in both hemispheres seemed to confirm this theory.  The toilet in our apartment in Virginia flowed counter-clockwise, while the sink drain in our home here in Asuncion flowed clockwise.  However, this is apparently due to how the water is introduced and the geometric structure of the drain.  The Earth’s rotation, which causes the Coriolis Force, minimally impacts water going down a drain.  So much for an interesting theory!
  1. beautifulyard

    to be honest ,i dont know about The Coriolis Force,but ur experiences r really interesting ,id like to see ur following story ,hehe ,excuse me for my english is not good ,hope u can understand

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