To write or not to write?

Once again, it’s about 11 p.m., and I’m mulling whether to post a blog entry or continue studying Spanish until about midnight or 12:30 p.m., when I usually drag my keister to bed.  Lately I’ve decided to forego blogging in the interest of learning Spanish, an endeavor I am thoroughly enjoying.  Tonight I decided to take a break and blog for a change.  So what should I write about tonight?  What could I write that would be remotely interesting that I haven’t written about in the past?  Would you care, Dear Reader?  Another blogger I knew in Seoul mentioned that she doesn’t blog unless she has something noteworthy to share.  More recently, I met a colleague here in Virginia who told me that he once had a blog but quit because he didn’t have time to maintain it.
Many bloggers face an ongoing dilemma, particularly those who are busy and/or have been writing their blogs for a long time.  Blogging requires updates, and good blogging means that you should write something your audience actually wants to read.  I’ve struggled with this dilemma lately, because I’ve been writing World Adventurers for almost 2.5 years and haven’t had much time to blog.  I come up with new blog topics almost daily, but I forget to recall them when it comes time to blog.  I suppose that lately I’ve decided not to blog because I did not want to force myself to come up with something less than riveting to share.  Tonight I decided to share this dilemma on the off chance that you would curious as to why I haven’t written much lately.  There are many things I would like to share, deeper thoughts about life, love, happiness, and a bunch of topics related to technology, investing, and travel, among others.  Unfortunately, I never have more than about half an hour to spew forth these thoughts on this blog.  I thought that four months in the U.S. would give me a reprieve from the treadmill of life, but language study has sopped up most of my downtime.  I’ll continue to write as much as I can and choose topics that I can turn into condensd soundbites and infomercials.
  1. Saksinee

    Hi dear! you sound a litlle bit down today, don’t you? I can tell you are a very good student and study hard. About writting the blog…I personally think the main thing is what you want to write (myself too) whatever…whenever…however… you cannot force yourself to write here and you also cannot force the reader to read…don’t be too worried. Travel around the world from place to places is also my dream and I’m sure for a lots of people too. It’s always nice to see and lern something differtent. Good to see the world ! Cheer!

  2. Bob

    Hey WA, just got back from a week in Korea.  I’ve got a question for you, can you email me your number?  Deberia haber dicho todo eso in espanol…..

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