This may be a first.  I’m sitting here, wondering what to write about in my blog tonight.  Usually a topic pops into my head right away.  Or I can always talk about what’s happening in Korea or on the home front.  Well, my sister-in-law and nephew went back home to Shanghai, China today, so I suppose that I could talk about that (they had a great trip, but are glad to be headed back to wild and crazy Shanghai).  Nah, I’d rather talk about nothing.  That’s right, nothing.
What is nothing? 
What does nothing mean?
When someone asks you what you’re thinking, and you answer, "Oh, nothing," do you really mean you’re thinking of nothing?
When you think there’s nothing there, is there really nothing there?
When they called "Seinfeld" the TV show about nothing, was it really a show about nothing?
When you say that someone is doing nothing, are they really doing nothing?
Of course not.
There’s always something.  Something there.  You’re thinking about something.  The person doing nothing is actually doing something.
So I guess you could say that there is no such thing as nothing.
Maybe I’m wrong.
Can you think of something that’s actually nothing at all?
I can’t.
Perhaps a black hole is nothing. 
A black hole is an imploded star with matter collapsing in on itself.
That sounds like something to me.
Maybe nothing is inside a vacuum tube.  Suck all the air out of a vacuum tube and what do you have left? 
Well, you can look through the vacuum tube if its glass.  If the light passes through it, there must be something there.
Maybe there’s nothing in sub-atomic space.  An atom consists of a proton surrounded by neutrons. 
But then there’s gluons, which are even smaller than neutrons, floating about an atom. 
Who’s to say that there isn’t something smaller than a gluon that we have not yet discovered?
Maybe there’s nothing in space. 
If you can see the sky, look up at the night sky and see all the stars. 
There’s definitely something there.
I have concluded that nothing really is something.
Nothing is never quite what it seems.

Books by MG EdwardsMG Edwards is a writer of books and stories in the thriller and science fiction-fantasy genres. He also writes travel adventures and children’s books. A former U.S. diplomat, he served in South Korea, Paraguay, and Zambia before leaving the Foreign Service to write full time.

Edwards is author of six books. His memoir, Kilimanjaro: One Man’s Quest to Go Over the Hill, was finalist for the Book of the Year Award and the Global eBook Award. He has published four children’s picture books in the World Adventurers for Kids Series: Alexander the Salamander; Ellie the Elephant; Zoe the Zebra; and a collection featuring all three stories. His book Real Dreams: Thirty Years of Short Stories is an anthology of 15 short stories.

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  1. Toby's Gravatar Toby
    September 15, 2005    

    Congrats on the MSN feature!! Quite an honor. So when someones says they know nothing do they really know nothing. I mean they have to know something 😛 Definately a fun read. Take care!!

  2. Ines's Gravatar Ines
    September 16, 2005    

    Hy!!! My Name is Ines, I am from Argentina!! I like this fun story.. Kisses Ine

  3. Wendy's Gravatar Wendy
    September 16, 2005    

    Interesting space!!

  4. Love is a Verb's Gravatar Love is a Verb
    September 16, 2005    

    Hi, Mike and family, I think the languages translations on the left side of your blog is pretty cool. Could you please tell me how to add these translations? I appreciate your reply on my space. Thanks!

  5. Jenine's Gravatar Jenine
    September 16, 2005    

    Absolutely love your space. I’m getting great ideas for mine! If you get a chance, drop by and check it out. Also…not that you need it, but would you add your space to my Great MSN Spaces list?Thanks!Jenine

  6. Mabel's Gravatar Mabel
    September 16, 2005    

    interesting.there’s always something out of nothing.

  7. Ma's Gravatar Ma
    September 16, 2005    

    Nice Blog. You may want to visit my blog also. 🙂

  8. Agata's Gravatar Agata
    September 16, 2005    

    I love this. I guess I’m just insane and write about these kinds of things when I get bored… But I really love it when people actually notice these things. It shows that we hae brains. xD Which is always a good though.Nice blog… space… whatever it’s called, by the way. Adieu.

  9. Jackie's Gravatar Jackie
    September 24, 2005    

    Point well taken. God loves everything, even nothing?

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