Happy Good Friday

Happy Good Friday, Dear Reader.  Do you think it is oxymoronic to wish someone a Happy Good Friday?  I always thought it bit odd to wish someone happiness on the day set aside to observe the death of Jesus Christ.  Nonetheless, have as good a Good Friday as you can.  Most of the Federal government is open, but the stock exchanges are closed, and some people have taken the day off to observe this somber day when Jesus died on the Cross on Golgotha (Calvary) in Jerusalem.  I took the day off today to observe Good Friday.
When did Jesus’ death occur?  Some claim that the dates established to observe Good Friday and Easter, the day when Jesus rose from the dead, are incorrect.  Other claims the dates correspond to the worship of the Germanic goddess Eostre/Ostara.  However, historical research suggests that Jesus was crucified in April.  More specifically, Jesus may have died either on April 7, 30 A.D. or April 3, 33 A.D., depending on the year of Jesus’ birth and the passover date immediately following his death.  The year 2007 is 1,987 years after death of Christ.  Although it occurred many years ago, I believe the date is still as relevant today as it was nearly two millennia ago.
Happy Good Friday to you and yours.
  1. Saksinee

    Today is also a Thailand’s holidays…something about our first king….and the mid of this month is Thai’s new year…..nice to see you came out with many new blogs here….and Have a good Saturday & Sunday !!!

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