Photos from our Wolchulsan trip

We returned this evening from Wolchulsan (Mt. Wolchul) National Park in southwest Korea.  We had a fabulous trip.  My family joined a group of 13 people from work for the tour.  Two Korean instructors served as tour guides.  I will write more tomorrow about our trip.  For now, I wanted to highlight four new photo albums with photos of our trip.  Enjoy!  I’ll write more tomorrow.
  1. Chuck

    Mike – I do enjoy reading your blog. I spent 13 months with the US Army in Seoul at Eighth Army Headquarters a generation ago. A different Korea than what you have observed,Im sure.   I really like listening to the Kimsoochul Festival song when I visit your page. Is there a site I can go to and download it??
         Best Wishes to you and your family when you get to Paraguay.      Chuck Boose    Defiance,OH

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