Who's the new Ambassador?

Dr. Condoleezza Rice entered the State Department today for the first time as the new Secretary of State.  She entered in from the main entrance and briefly addressed employees.  Her introduction comes just five days after former Secretary of State Colin Powell departed for the last time.  Let’s hope the transition will be a smooth one for the department.

The story broke in the news earlier this week that the U.S. Ambassador to Korea, Christopher Hill, will be appointed Assistant Secretary for East Asia and Pacific Affairs.  Ambassador Hill has been serving as Ambassador to Korea since August 2004.  We met Ambassador Hill and Mrs. Hill while he was en route to Korea, and we were very impressed by him.  We are sorry to see him go, assuming his appointment will be confirmed by the Senate.  We still don’t know who the new ambassador will be.  I hope this transition is also a smooth one because Seoul has seen two ambassadors, Ambassador Thomas Hubbard and Ambassador Hill in less than a year.  It’s an excellent opportunity for Ambassador Hill, and we wish him well.

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