Still alive

Yes, I am still alive, Dear Reader.  I’m coming out of the worst illness I’ve experienced in the past few years.  It knocked me on my keister.  I’m thoroughly medicated now and feeling much better now, but I feel far from normal.  I’ll write more in the next few days, but I wanted to let all of you who were worried about me…well, Bob, at least, that I’m OK.  In the meantime, Tortmaster ( is back online and writing up a storm.  While this space is dormant, enjoy a little levity and redoux from Tortmaster.
  1. Bob

    Well hey, thanks for that.  And great to hear that you’re doing well and on the road to recovery.  Did you get food poisoning?  That was one of the worst I’ve ever been through.   I look forward to the gory details in the near future.
    Oh, and my return to blogging is rumored to be directly corelated to my company unblocking MSN Spaces….I don’t belive it, though.

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