I usually drive to work.  I used to drive alone, losing myself in music and dodging Seoul traffic on my way to and from work.  Lately though, I’ve been carpooling with coworkers.  One coworker, a neighbor, meets me every morning to avoid having to take the shuttle.  It’s cheaper for her because it saves her from having to buy shuttle passes.  Fortunately, she’s not scared of my driving!  Another coworker used to join us until she took a leave of absence to give birth to her second child.  She’ll probably start commuting in with us again after she returns to work.  In the evening, I return home at different times, so my rideshare mates vary depending on who’s ready to go when I leave.  Although at heart I’m a bit of a loner and like to have time to myself, but I have enjoyed having people ride with me.  Tonight I gave a ride to a coworker I’ve hardly talked to at all, and we had a great conversation.  I’m glad now to have a chance to use my automobile as a means to spend time with people I rarely have time to spend with at work or at home.  The commute is just long enough to have good conversation with coworkers and friends you don’t spend much time with at work.

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