My son participated in his first chess tournament this weekend.  He just started playing a few months ago.  He’s really improved and beat his dad at a couple of games.  He finished eight out of 12 in the six years and under group (pretty good considering he just started and was one of the youngest kids).  I was happy to see that all the kids in that group were awarded trophies, including my son.  He’s now taking chess classes, and we’re planning to hire a private chess tutor for him at least once per week (hiring affordable private tutors is one of the nice perks of living in a place like Paraguay.  And plus, he’ll have his dad to beat as he gears up for another run next year.
For the shutterbugs:  I posted some photos from the chess tournament.  The girl in some of the photos is our son’s classmate and a good friend of his.  They look so cute together!
  1. Witzel

    OH, MY GOODNESS!  Such a smart kid – playing chess already?  He seems so mature than his peers.  And yes, he and his friends look SO cute together!  Those pictures are winners! 
    Haejin and the clan

  2. Cordelia

    What a great thing ! Your son is going to grow up (is growing up) to be such an interesting person. It is really smart to get him playing chess since it is played almost everywhere in the world. He’ll always be able to join in a game, language barrier or no.  PS. I really enjoyed the "Paraguayan Moment" feature. Looking forward to more.

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