Famous last words

"Let’s get some pet fish."
Two months and two fish tanks later, we finally have a new fish tank with three tetrafish.  I posted a photo for your viewing pleasure.
I have a feeling that we will be just as happy to be rid of them as we are to get them.  They’ve been a lot more work than expected.  Who would have ever thought ammonia-free, 77 degrees Fahrenheit, and PH balance would be so critical.  Fish are so finicky. 
Disclaimer:  No fish were harmed in the arrangement of this fish tank.
  1. Bob

    Vengeance is a dish best served cold, huh?  Smartass.  No dessert for you Saturday night.  AND I’m drinking all of your alcohol.

  2. Bob

    Well, your boys in South American got spanked by a bunch of semi-frozen vikings who have never played in temperatures higher than 0.
    Looks like your pre-emptive kissing-up cursed them.
    On the bright side, they were the only one of the countries ending in "guay" to make the world cup!

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