Making waves over the DMZ

South Korea started sending broadcast footage from the World Cup to North Korea today.  North Korean television will broadcast the footage.  Although I’m sure that it will be substantially edited for content, and the audience will be limited largely to cadres in Pyongyang who have access to television, it’s good to read that some media from the outside world is penetrating North Korea.  While intra-Korean cooperation continues, it is now largely economic cooperation.  This is most notably occurring at the resorts at Mount Geumgang in North Korea, which are operated by South Korean tour company Hyundai Asan (a subsidiary of the Hyundai Group), and at the Kaesong Industrial Complex (KIC) located just south of Kaesong, North Korea.  The KIC also made the news today when 76 foreign envoys toured the site, including U.S. Ambassador, Alexander Vershbow, New Zealand Ambassador Jane Charlotte Coombs, and Russian Ambassador Gleb Ivashentsov.  Broadcasting the World Cup to North Korea is also noteworthy because inter-cultural exchanges with North Korea are far less frequent.  Although the average North Korea citizen will not see much of Germany, site of the World Cup, at least they can see a glimmer of life outside its borders.
Blog Note:  I read that England beat Paraguay 1-0 because Paraguayan Defender Carlos Gamarra accidentally headed a free-kick by England Midfielder David Beckham past Goalie Justo Villar into his own goal.  What a bummer.  So Paraguay basically beat itself!  Talk about bad luck.  Either that, or Beckham is an absolute genious.  If I were Mr. Gamarra, I think I would stay in Europe for awhile before heading home to Paraguay.  I don’t think the fans will give him a hero’s welcome.
Note to TortmasterSure, people who are struck by lightning usually survive.  If I were struck by lightning and became an X-man mutant, I’d like to be transformed into "Lightning McQueen – Champion of the Box Office!"  That would be cool.  Vroom!  I’d instantly transform myself into a fast race car and would have hot Porsches chasing me all the time.  Also, about rooting for Paraguay–since every team is going to be slaughtered by Brazil anyway, why not?  If the U.S. beats the Czech Republic tonight, maybe then I’ll be a believer.  C’mon, Paraguay needs a little attention.  The U.S. definitely doesn’t need it!  Post-script:  The Czech Republic beat the U.S. 3-0.
  1. Wade

    I saw "Cars" this weekend, and I have to say, Pixar again does not disappoint.  The movie was quite good, and like all Pixar movies, you have to stay for all of the credits.  🙂

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