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I read that weather conditions in the Seattle area have been atrocious and that the power is off for about 1.5 million people living in the area.  Apparently the number without power has decreased to about 950,000, but that’s still a large number of homes.  It reminds me of the Winter of 2003, when the power went out in our Seattle metro neighborhood no less than three times, once for about two days.  Life was miserable.  Life is bearable in Seattle during the winter when the power is on; without it, life is untenable.  While arguably better than living in areas that deal with large snowfalls, the cold, damp conditions that seep into Seattle-area homes during a blackout are miserable for people not accustomed to such wretched, sustained weather conditions.
Well, I’m thankful we’re here in Seoul now!  We could be in Seattle–we’ll be there in about two months.  Although the weather in Seoul is not known for being kind, it has been unseasonably mild here, for the most part almost enjoyable.  Yes, it is true, in spite of what my wife wrote earlier this month.  I’m glad we’re here in Korea enjoying the crisp, mild winter weather conditions.
  1. Wade

    Power went off at my place in Duvall about 7:30pm Thursday, and is still off (Sunday 9pm).  Puget Sound Engergy says they are down to under 300,000 customers without power (initially 750,000 Thursday night).  Customers and people are different, as a "customer" is basically a power meter.  But initially, in the entire region, combining all utility customers, it was over 1 million.  Latest estimate is that it will be a couple more days until they restore power to communities such as Duvall.  It was 46F in my house this afternoon.  I am writing this from my office at work as my building just got power this afternoon (it was running on generator power).
    -Wade H.

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