One minute to midnight

What do you write about when it’s about one minute to midnight and you want to post a blog entry, but you cannot write much because you must edit something for your wife and you’re running out of time?  Not much.
OK, how about this?
What’s the meaning of life?
The number on Jackie Robinson’s jersey?
The nickname for Mark Felt?
Don’t panic.  Here’s a towel.
Now if I had really spent just one minute writing this entry today, which I did, I would not have sufficiently pondered the meaning of life.  In reality, I spent five glorious minutes pondering life, the universe, and everything, four of which will happen tomorrow, which is really today, because I am now writing today’s entry tomorrow, and today is now yesterday.  By promptly discerning the meaning of life and getting this pesky factoid out of the way, I now have time to ponder the ultimate mystery of life; that is, understanding women.  On this subject I must dwell longer, whether it suits me or not.
  1. Athena Goddess of Wisdom

    When perusing updated spaces I come across some VERY interesting ones. This is definitely one of them! I have family in S. Korea though I have never met them (my father has) and I’ve lived my whole life in the U.S. I wish I was adventurous as you. Maybe one day…

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