Getting ready for Gyeongju

Last night I crashed after a long week, so I missed my blog session.  Unfortunately, I also may not be able to post again for a couple of days.  Tomorrow morning, we will brave the crowds on Korean Memorial Day weekend and will head to Gyeongju, the ancient capital of the Silla Dynasty.  It’s one of the sites prominently listed on the World Adventurers’ Top Ten List of Things to Do in Korea.  The Silla Dynasty dominated the Korean Peninusula from 57 B.C. until 935 A.D.  In 676 A.D., Silla conquered the neighboring kingdoms of Korguryo and Baekche and unified the entire country under one ruler.  Gyeongju was Unified Silla’s seat of power, and today it is home to many of Korea’s greatest historical treasures.  The site was designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in December 1995.  We will drive down to Gyeongju tomorrow and will stay there for a couple of days.  I may not be able to post to my blog in the interim, but I will catch up and tell you all about our trip when I return.

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