Half a month

We’ve already been in Korea for half a month.  Can you believe it?  It doesn’t seem so long until you realize that it’s 1/48th of our 24-month tour here in Korea.  I wish I could say that we’ve had a good taste of Korea, but for the most part we’ve either stayed home or gone to work.  That will hopefully change during our next 15 days here.  It was a beautiful day today, and the temperatures are supposed to creep up into the 40’s (Fahrenheit) next week.  I hope the weather will stay nice for a few weeks before the Yellow Sands (황사) start blowing in from the Gobi Desert.  We can finally get out and do some outdoor activities such as visiting outdoor markets like Namdaemun.  Until I get better though I won’t be going anyway.  This cold/flu has been nagging, and I plan to take the day off tomorrow to rest and recuperate.

Well, yet another Seattle sport team disappointed again.  The Husky men’s college basketball team lost their final game of the season to Stanford 77-67, and the Arizona Wildcats clinched the Pac-10 Conference championship with a 70-68 win over Arizona State.  Maybe next year.  I think many of their best players will graduate, so who knows how the Huskies will be next year.  They can still redeem themselves during the NCAA Tournament, but who can blame a perpetually disappointed Seattle fan for being pessimistic?  Illinois looks unstoppable this year.

Yahoo! recently celebrated its 10th anniversary.  They offered customers a free ice cream cone to be redeemed on their birthday, March 2nd.  I downloaded the online coupon hoping to use it at a local Baskin Robbins, but then I noticed it was only good for one day.  One day?!  There was no way I was going to break away from what I was doing for a free single-scoop ice cream cone in early March.  If you ask me, that’s a gimmicky birthday stunt.  At least Yahoo! could have extend the validity period for the coupon over one- to two weeks, even one month.  How many people actually dropped everything on March 2nd to go to BR for a free 3.5 oz. ice cream cone?  I bet that on Google’s 10th anniversary they will offer a much more practical birthday present to customers.  Google is awesome.

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