Hershey’s Chocolate World

During Memorial Day weekend we headed to Hershey, Pennsylvania to visit Hershey’s Chocolate World, one of several attractions on the site of Hershey’s large entertainment complex.  (For those who haven’t heard of Hershey’s, Hershey’s is one of the world’s largest candy companies.)  Although the large complex features multiple attractions, including Hersheypark, an amusement park, the Hershey Museum, Hershey Gardens, and ZooAmerica, among others, we only visited Hershey’s Chocolate World.  Hersheypark is celebrating its centenniel this year, so it was a momentous time for us to visit.  What we saw was plenty for one day.  We visited the animated moving exhibit that highlighted the chocolate-making process, and we spent some time mingling through the shopping area.  Our son became an honorary factory worker at the Kiss Works center and took home three boxes of Kisses.  Dad wondered humorously whether any child labor laws were sacrificed in the name of fun!
We also milled through the entrance to Hersheypark and the Hersehy Museum.  We spent just the right amount of time at Hersehy, because it started to rain immediately after we left town.  In fact, the drive home from southern Pennsylvania to Washington, D.C. was hideous.  I’ve driven through heavy rain, and I’ve driven through lightning storms, but I’ve never driven through such a treacherous combination of both.  I almost stopped the car to wait out the storm, but we pressed on and passed the storm after about half an hour.  I’m glad we did, because it was a massive storm.  We could have been waiting a couple hours for it to let up. 
For the shutterbugs:  I posted some new photos for the shutterbugs of our visit a couple weeks ago.  They’re probably the best imagery of our trip there. 

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