Anyeonghi keseyo, Korea

Goodbye, Korea.  Tomorrow is moving day, and my computer will be boxed up and shipped to the U.S.  The Internet router goes back to Korea Telecom on Tuesday.  This is probably my final blog entry in Korea before we depart for the U.S. on Wednesday.  We will head to Hawai’i for two weeks–two years after we last visited on our way here.  After Hawai’i, we will be in Seattle for about a week and then in Idaho for another week before heading to Virginia.  We will head to Paraguay next July. 
The goodbye parties are over, and all that’s left to do are check-out meetings and inspections.  When I have more time in the U.S., I will post some photos and tell you more about them (at least to the point where I don’t embarass someone–some photos are pretty crazy).  We had a wonderful tour in Korea.  Most people who serve here leave with mixed feelings.  Some love it, some hate it, but most enjoy it with caveats.  I really enjoyed my time here, so you can put me in the group who loved it.  My family enjoyed it with caveats.
In spite of spending a large portion of my life processing visas for 36,530 individuals, I leave Seoul with great memories.  I am thankful that I will probably never have to do another visa again (I did more than my fair share), but I will remember the time fondly–even at the visa window.  My family and I are looking forward to new challenges during Spanish training in Virginia and in Paraguay, but we leave with two years of great memories from Korea. 
And with that…hello, Hawai’i!

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