Our time here in Korea is getting shorter and shorter.  In just three months, we will depart the Land of the Morning Calm and Daytime Frenzy for the United States.  My wife and I put together a master calendar and started throwing activities on it like darts on a dart board.  Lately we’ve found ourselves saying, "Don’t forget to do that; oh yeah, we really have to have so and so over before we leave."  About three months out from a major move, you find yourself starting to figure out how to do absolutely everything you need or really want to do before you leave.  All else gets cut from the master plan.
I’ve been told that we really don’t need to do any move activities until one month before we move, although that is advice I’ve heard from people who subsequently claim to be in a tizzy and running out of time before the big move.  I think it would be better to get it all done earlier and then be absolutely bored for the last two weeks of our stay here in Korea.  That’s not going to happen!  I’ll settle for the middle ground and hope we can get most of it done weeks in advance.  At least this move won’t be as earth-shattering as our first move, when we dismantled our average middle-class suburban life and exchanged it for adventure and expat life that seems eerily similar to the life we had back in suburbia! 
Nevertheless, by this time next year we will be in Paraguay, experiencing an entirely new reality.  I love Korea, but I am ready for a change of scenery.  At some point I need to start blogging more about Paraguay and my quest to improve my Spanish.  It seems so far away, even if it is only a few months from now.

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Edwards is author of six books. His memoir, Kilimanjaro: One Man’s Quest to Go Over the Hill, was finalist for the Book of the Year Award and the Global eBook Award. He has published four children’s picture books in the World Adventurers for Kids Series: Alexander the Salamander; Ellie the Elephant; Zoe the Zebra; and a collection featuring all three stories. His book Real Dreams: Thirty Years of Short Stories is an anthology of 15 short stories.

Edwards lives in Taipei, Taiwan with his family. He has also lived in Austria, Singapore and Thailand. For more books or stories by M.G. Edwards, visit his web site at www.mgedwards.com or contact him by e-mail at me@mgedwards.com or on Twitter @m_g_edwards.

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  1. quemino's world's Gravatar quemino's world
    October 27, 2006    

    Hew World Adventurer, Just thought I drop you a line to say "HI".  Since I moved to Washington I’ve seen your boss (Amb. Vershbow) at least six or so times! What a small world eh?  Also, my bosses are heading to your embassy next week – maybe you’ll bump into them.  Keep up the good blogging. 

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